Singapore’s first 2022 EC launch, North Gaia at Yishun Ave 9


North Gaia received five bids at its conclusion, which indicates that North Gaia is modulating demand within a naturally-well-known area. Analysts also noticed the high bid by EL Development. Analysts also noted that the difference between the 4th bid and the 1st was less than 10%. This suggests that developers with a good reputation could see the need for easing the market.

North Gaia is located between Yishun Avenues 8, and 9. This project is being developed by Sing Holdings Limited. It has an area of 21,514 sqm and a maximum floor space of 60.240 sqm. It can house approximately 600 apartments. It is located within 500m from Intersection 9, a new neighborhood shopping centre. The New EC is conveniently located near all amenities, including schools and shopping malls. There are many connections, including community centers and parks in the neighborhood. It takes only five minutes to reach Junction 9, a freight hub located near Sheng Siong Sumarket. You will find many restaurants, boutiques and retail shops nearby. You will find two bus stops that take you to Yishun Interchange / MRT. This will take to Northpoint City which is the largest shopping mall in the north of Singapore.

About Developer Sing Holdings Limited

Sing Holdings Limited, was established in 1964. It is a property development and investment group, which is listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange. It has a proven track record of success in the development of a wide range of properties including condominiums, landed homes, and commercial and industrial buildings. The Group also owns Travelodge Docklands which is a 291-room hotel offering limited service.

Group’s residential projects include Robin Residences at Robin Drive and Waterwoods. Punggol, The Laurels Of Cairnhill Road, BelleRive in Bukit Timah, and Punggol are just a few. Meyer Residence is another. BizTech Centre in Aljunied Rood and EastGate Building along East Coast Road are just a few of the commercial and industrial projects. Oceon Towers Shanghai is an award-winning Grade-A office building in China’s People’s Republic of China.

North Gaia is a new executive condominium project located in District 27, Yishun Ave 9. The tranquil environment creates a sense of calm as one enters the precinct. The plum land area is 231,575 square feet. It measures approximately 3,000 square feet. It is also connected to many amenities and will increase the value residents receive in North Gaia EC.

North Gaia has many amenities. The Junction Nine is only 5-7 minutes away. It is home to a Sheng Siong grocery and educational centers. The residents are close to North Gaia and Northpoint City as well as Safra Yishun as well as the swanky YishunPark Hawker Center.

Northpoint City

There are many great educational institutions close to North Gaia. It is also located within 1 km from the Chongfu school, where many North parents hope their children will find a home. North View Primary school (Xishan), Huamin Secondary School (North View Elementary School), Yishun Prima School (Ahmad Ibrahim Primary Schools), Northland Primary Academy, Jiemin Primary and Northland Secondary Schools are all highly recommended. GEM World Academy and Yishun Town Secondary Schools are also available.

Residents have the opportunity to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. North Gaia is a quick drive from Yishun Nature Parks and Orto, Yishun Sports Hall Stadium, Stadium, Orchird Club, as well as other facilities.

Available Units

Priority has been given to Singaporeans for First Time buyers. Only 30% of the units are allocated for the second timers on launch day. After first month, buyers may check out the remaining balance units on their official website. …

Canninghill Piers, sure to be a hit in Singapore’s Property Market, launching in Nov 2021

Developer of Canninghill Piers

Canninghill Piers proudly created through City Developments(CDL), Capitaland & Ascott Reit. They’ve got more than a hundred years of combined experience and Canninghill Pier’s developer have played an important part in the urban skyline of Singapore with many famous towers.

Some of their previous success projects are South Beach Residences, Sky Habitat and the upcoming One Pearl Bank among many other projects.

Canninghill Piers pricing will be appealing because of its unique site and Singapore. Rental yield is calculated with the calculator found on this site because the property can be rented immediately following the TOP. Canninghill Piers developer is known for their high-end construction.

Location of Canninghill Piers

Canninghill Piers Condo is located within the vibrant River Valley estate of District 06. The brand-new integrated development condo is constructed by the locally-renowned CDL as well as Capitaland. It is located in the city of Canninghill. Canninghill Piers is set in the bustling city landscape that offers an exciting lifestyle and facilities right on your doorstep.

The residents of Canninghill Piers Singapore are directly connected to Fort Canning MRT station from the development. Drivers have easy access to the AYE as well as the CTE which are just 5 minute drive from the station as indicated in the Canninghill Piers location map.

Please be aware we have a Showflat location is not on the official site. It is necessary to make an appointment to visit and our staff will contact you to provide the showflat address.

Canninghill Piers Showflat

Please schedule to make an appointment or contact the number (+65) 61001908 prior to coming in to visit the Canninghill Piers Showflat because our gallery might not be open on certain days or times.

Online registrants who have scheduled an appointment with us can expect to receive direct Developer Prices and no commission will be due. Please note that the units available for sale in Canninghill Piers will be sold available on a first come, first served basis.

If you have successfully registered after successful registration, you will be sent an email, and our staff will get in touch for confirmation. The Canninghill Piers balance units is constantly updated and interested guests can keep an eye out for updates. Canninghill Piers Pricing is currently not available. Canninghill Piers Pricing isn’t yet available, however enrollment to participate in the VVIP Preview has started. Please leave your contact details to stay informed of the most recent information.…

Normanton Park Condo at Normanton Park by Kingsford


A distinctive condominium with 360 degrees unblocked views.


An address that is prestigious and full of promising, Normanton Park is the most recent development of Kingsford Development. Surrounded by the natural forest in Kent Ridge Park, Normanton Park is home to around 60% of the common space, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and lakes. The manicured lawns and sparkling pools from inside seamlessly mix with the green corridors of the park and a tranquil lake outside the home.

Set atop the undulating landscape of Kent Ridge Park, Normanton Park is likely to become a landmark of the southern skyline of the island state. The majority of residential towers are raised 19 meters above the ground in order to maximize perspectives of city views and green surroundings, and the Southern Islands.

The residents in Normanton Park will be able to travel easily due to an excellent network of connections

A network of expressways with transport hubs in close proximity. Nearby are shopping and recreational enclaves as well as educational institutes as well as medical centers and business parks, as well as lush green belts that enrich the lives of people in every way.

With more than 100 facilities for lifestyle the residents are not lacking of activities to take part in. With an array of water-based amenities and aquatic amenities, residents can enjoy their time enjoying refreshing, sparkling fun. You can take a dip in the pool that measures 50 meters Lap Pool or allow the kids to splash around on the kid’s water play. At night, take a look at these water features that transform into a tranquil scene to help you wind down your day.


Project Highlights:

  • It is the Mega Launch that all investors should know about in 2021.
  • Over 660,000sqft of stunning landscaping
  • Over 100 luxury facilities to relax in
  • Amazing panoramas of Kent Ridge Hill, City Skyline and the SEA
  • In the High-growth zone that includes One-North in addition to Science Park 1 & 2

Project Details:

Developer: Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd

Address: Normanton Park

Property Type: Residential

Tenure: 99 year lease hold

Total Units: 1862 residential units + 8 Commercial shops

Unit Mix: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom + Study, 2 Bedroom Compact, 2 Bedroom Premium, 2 Bedroom + Study, 3 Bedroom Compact, 3 Bedroom Premium, 4 Bedroom Compact, 4 Bedroom Premium, 5 Bedroom, Terrace House


No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqm/SqftUnitsStack
1 Bedroom1BR-c1BR-c-PH1BR-a1BR-a-PH1BR-b1BR-b-PH1BR-cR1BR-cR-PH1BR-aR1BR-aR-PH1BR-bR1BR-bR-PH48/51760/64661/65749/52760/64661/65749/52760/64661/65745/48454/58146/49556/60346/49556/60311032110231102322122122109, 18, 27, 54, 6309, 18, 2754, 6316, 25, 34, 61, 7016, 7025, 34, 6117, 26, 35, 62, 7117, 7126, 35, 62727279798080
1 Bedroom + Study1BR-Sc1BR-Sc-PH1BR-Sa1BR-Sa-PH1BR-Sb1BR-Sb-PH52/56063/67853/57064/68954/58165/70044244244236, 4536, 4543, 5243, 5244, 5344, 53
2 Bedroom2BR-Cb2BR-Cb-PH2BR-Ca2BR-Ca-PH2BR-CbR2BR-CbR-PH2BR-CaR2BR-CaR-PH62/66774/79761/65773/78660/64670/75359/63570/7531105110522122112, 21, 30, 57, 7512, 21, 30, 57, 7513, 22, 31, 58, 7613, 22, 31, 58, 7666666767
2 Bedroom + Study2BR-Sb2BR-Sb-PH2BR-Sa2BR-Sa-PH77/82988/94779/85091/98066322110, 19, 2810, 19, 286060
2 Bedroom Premium2BR-Pe2BR-Pe-PH2BR-Ph2BR-Ph-PH2BR-Pd2BR-Pd-PH2BR-Pc2BR-Pc-PH2BR-Pg2BR-Pg-PH2BR-Pf2BR-Pf-PH2BR-Pb2BR-Pb-PH2BR-Pa2BR-Pa-PH64/68976/81871/76482/88367/72180/86167/72180/86172/77583/89361/65770/75368/73280/86179/85068/73281/87280/8612212212212212212214411441101010202040405050707080839, 48394840, 494049
3 Bedroom3BR-Cc3BR-Cc-PH3BR-Cb3BR-Cb-PH3BR-Ca3BR-Ca-PH3BR-Cd3BR-Cd-PH3BR-CcR3BR-CcR-PH3BR-CbR3BR-CbR-PH3BR-CaR3BR-CaR-PH3BR-CaRR3BR-CaRR-PH87/93698/1,05587/93699/1,06690/969103/1,10989/958101/1,08785/91595/1,02384/90495/1,02388/947100/1,07685/91596/1,03344288466322122122144222111, 7411, 7414, 23, 32, 5914, 23, 32, 5915, 24, 3315, 24, 3351516565686869, 7869, 787373
3 Bedroom Premium3BR-Pd3BR-Pd-PH3BR-Pb3BR-Pb-PH3BR-Pa3BR-Pa-PH3BR-Pc3BR-Pc-PH3BR-Pe3BR-Pe-PH101/1,087114/1,227102/1,098115/1,238101/1,087116/1,249115/1,23899/1,066115/1,238100/1,076114/1,2272214424411442221060620, 2920, 2937, 46374655, 6455, 647777
4 Bedroom Compact + Study4BR-Ca4BR-Ca-PH111/1,195125/1,3462215656
4 Bedroom Premium4BR-Pc4BR-Pc-PH4BR-Pa4BR-Pa-PH4BR-Pb4BR-Pb-PH122/1,313135/1,453122/1,313137/1,475124/1,335139/1,496221442221030341, 5041, 504242
5 Bedroom5BR5BR-PH150/1,615167/1,79844238, 4738, 47
Corner Terrace01 Terrace House11 Terrace House13 Terrace House31 Terrace House33 Terrace House43 Terrace House196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110111111011113313343
Intermediate Terrace03 Terrace House05 Terrace House07 Terrace House09 Terrace House15 Terrace House17 Terrace House19 Terrace House21 Terrace House23 Terrace House25 Terrace House27 Terrace House29 Terrace House35 Terrace House37 Terrace House39 Terrace House41 Terrace House196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110196/2,110111111111111111103050709151719212325272935373941
Shop 1Commercial43/463181
Shop 2Commercial44/474182
Shop 3Commercial44/474183
Shop 4Commercial44/474184
Shop 5Commercial44/474185
Shop 6Commercial44/474186
Shop 7Commercial44/474187

Simple steps to the best way to save cash in an asset

A lot of people don’t realize how much light can affect the appearance of their home. This article gives some fantastic tips on how to be capable of incorporating different types of lighting to make your home stand out. Join Us Today To Receive the latest Penrose brochure website plan and floor plans!

Paint is cheap and can bring a significant improvement to the appearance of a room within a few hours. Visit your local home shop and pick up the swatches. Then, return home and think about what each screen would look like and how it will look when paired with furniture, as well as other rooms in your home. Choose one and see how different your home appears!

Before you start designing it is important to cleanse the space thoroughly. The removal of items that are no longer used can create a stunning effect on the home’s atmosphere. Think about donating items or selling them at yard sales.

Check out the latest trends when you design your space. There’s no reason to live in an uninspiring house. trend. Look at what other homeowners are doing to their homes in the present.

Try to incorporate carpets in the rooms of your house as you can. Cabinets can help to brighten the atmosphere in the room and enhance the overall appearance. Additionally, they are able to last for quite a long time and cover parts of hardwood that you do not think are appropriate for the room.

One of the most important aspects to any space is light. Light is the most efficient choice for bathrooms and kitchens where lighting is most essential. Try to find the right balance between dark and bright colors to complement their appearance.

Have you ever thought about how to make your coffee table a pleasure to see and less messy? Think about putting a few centerpieces on the table, such as a few large books or a small vase with some cut flowers. It’s the perfect addition to any space.

When hanging pictures, try to arrange similar frames and subject matter together. The collection should be the main focus of the room and placed within the confines of a larger frame, integrating every piece with the intention of complementing each other and all working together to create an aesthetic balance.

If you are planning to decorate your living area, you’re likely to need to create an important focal point in the room , and then arrange furniture around that. The focal point might be a an enormous window or perhaps an open fireplace.

An excellent interior design tip is not to be too obsessed with all the pictures of your children or family members. If people visit your home they’re likely to see several of these images. Some are apprehensive to anyone and may be seen as an idol.

The bright colours, like purples and pinks, do not convey a feeling of tranquility.

Make sure your furniture select to furnish your space is of the right size for the space. Make sure you evaluate the space to determine what furniture will work and the amount of space it will take up.

Take into consideration the impact of the color scheme within your space before choosing the color. In general, you’ll find that lighter colors can make rooms appear larger while darker hues can increase the comfort of a room, making it appear smaller. Take the color scheme into consideration before taking on the task.

Try something different. It is possible that you aren’t a fan of bright colors, for instance. Whatever you think you would not like could be exactly what you require in your home to give it a fresh and distinctive appearance. It’s possible to start small, but taking a chance to try different things can help you review what you love and don’t need.

When planning an interior design strategy to make room in your home make sure you keep the measurements of the room as well as furniture proportionality at the forefront of your thoughts. By keeping in mind the size and the type of furniture you choose for the space you’ll avoid overburdening the room with furniture that seem too large and create it appear bigger than it actually is.

For a fresh look in your bathroom look, think about adding a fresh look on your vanity table. You can go further than just using paint. It is possible to look into different wallpaper options. Some wallpapers have modern and stylish designs that add texture and color to make your vanity look brand new.

After you have got the facts from the previous paragraphs You must be aware of all the diverse uses of light that can be included in the interior design.…